First Post – Welcome!

This is a quick first post to say – welcome to my blog! I have noticed that there is a large librarian blogger community and have decided to make it my New Year’s Resolution to begin my own. My goals with this site are threefold:

  1. To create a place where I can personally keep track of my activities and programs as I continue on my library path.
  2. To develop my reader’s advisory skills by using this site to push myself to read more children’s lit and reviewing it here. Also to keep a log of the books I’ve read and what I’ve thought about them.
  3. To keep in touch and keep the share of information going so that I can continue to learn from others and maybe some can become inspired by me!

My current goal is to post at least once a week – every Tuesday. – though I’ll also try to jump in on popular tags like #IMWAYR and #bookfaceFriday… We’ll see how that goes. So the first “real” post will be next Tuesday!


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