Reinvented Books

This is a pretty busy week, all things considered. As I’m sure is true for most of us, I was off for a considerable portion of last week and, though I tried to be as prepared as possible, there is a lot going on this week!

It’s all right though, because the program I have going on today is one of my favorites. Every day after school we are flooded with teenagers from the high school that is right next to our building. One of my goals in my position as youth library associate is to try to create programming to engage those teens so that they’re not just sitting around and one of the more effective ways I’ve been able to do that is through my “Reinvented Books” program.

Essentially, I take the books from our donations/weeding pile that have been damaged beyond repair or are otherwise unfit to be resold and a bunch of art supplies and I let the kids go at it. They can cut up the pages, paint on them, glue them together, collage them, whatever they’d like. It’s a fun, artistic release and a great way to recyle books.

I started doing this as a one-time reproduction of a program I used to visit at my local library growing up but the teens liked it so much they asked me to make it a regular thing. Now on the first Tuesday of every month we spend an hour crafting and chatting.

Here’s an example from a page of my book, which I started when I was a teenager at my hometown library.


Has anyone else done something similar to this? Let me know!



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