Inappropriate singing: confessions of a storytime librarian

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was check my email where I had a notification from Amazon. The snow boots I ordered were on the way! (Yes, a little belated after the snow monstrosity that was this week, but I figured I might as well be prepared for next time since my Adidas-es are valiantly but just barely doing the job.)

I sprang out of bed, singing this little tune:

“My boots are coming Thursday, my boots are coming Thursday,
I am so happy cuz my boots are coming Thursday!”

Before you ask, yes my roommates were thrilled to be sung to. And they are very used to it.

Later on, my boyfriend and I went to lunch at a food court. When he came back to our table with a Chick-fil-a milkshake, I mindlessly started singing again:

“You taaaaake a little milk (pour some milk!) aaaand you taaaaake a little cream (pour some cream) you stiiirrrrrr it all up, you shake it and you seeee…..”

Some of you may recognize this song as “Milkshake song” by Anne Marie Akin off the CD Songs for Wiggleworms, one of the many songs I use for egg shaker activities during storytime. And my “boots are coming” song from earlier? A variation of the welcoming name song I use at the beginning of every storytime I do. (I was taught to use the song during a training but I know many other librarians and library blogs recommend it as well.)

I’m naturally a sing-songy person but I find storytime songs especially get stuck in my head all the time and pop up at the strangest moments. On long car rides before I’ve managed to ensnare boyfriend in rounds of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. While cooking eggs I’ve found myself singing Laurie Berkner’s “I Know a Chicken” to an empty kitchen. And it’s only a matter of time before I catch myself singing Pete the Cat’s Button song or White Shoes song (maybe Thursday – “I love my new boots, I love my new boots!”)

At the end of the day, though, all I can hope is that some of these songs are as catchy to my storytime children as they are to me and that somewhere, in another local kitchen, someone is serenading their eggs or milkshake along with me.

Any other storytime librarians have this problem?



10 thoughts on “Inappropriate singing: confessions of a storytime librarian

  1. Megan

    CONSTANTLY! Sometimes I find myself unconsciously doing the motions/dances to things deeply random places. Like in line at the grocery store.


  2. This is stuck in my head today:
    Hey there Kelsey, you’re a real cool cat!
    You gotta lotta this and you gotta lotta that
    So come on in and get down, ch-ch-ch-ch ch-ch-ch-ch-ch
    To the left ch-ch-ch-ch ch-ch-ch-ch-ch
    To the right ch-ch-ch-ch ch-ch-ch-ch-ch
    Take it up ch-ch-ch-ch ch-ch-ch-ch-ch
    Now get down ch-ch-ch-ch ch-ch-ch-ch-ch!


  3. Oh yes! Also making up little ditties constantly to amuse myself! My current fav goes to the tune of “Farmer in the Dell” and goes like this: “My head is popping off, my head is popping off, I really must take a deep breath, My head is popping off!” We’ve been a little housebound this week!


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