Bout of Books Day 2

We’re in the second day of the Bout of Books 16 readathon.

Yesterday evening flew by and I got a little sidetracked and well… I didn’t exactly experience the crazy amounts of reading I anticipated.

I finished The Bell Jar yesterday, adding another 15 pages to my total.

I also started The History of Rock and Roll in 10 Songs by Greil Marcus. It’s one of those books that’s kind of hard to binge right through, so I only managed 57 pages before I had to call it quits for the day. It is a very interesting book so far, and I like that the songs I’ve read about so far aren’t super mainstream.

Thus, my total for the day was 72 pages

and my total for the week is 184 pages.

I know I said this yesterday and kind of lied but I feel like today will be my day! I have the whole afternoon off to read. Even though I haven’t been reading as much as I had hoped this challenge would push me to do, I am enjoying the extra motivation and slowly getting more into the library blogger community.


Bout of Books

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