On Your Mark, Get Set, Paint!!!

We had so much fun this past Friday at my “On Your Mark Get Set Paint” program for summer reading. It was a fun and easy craft to pull off, and resulted in some fun artwork for our children’s department!


I took the idea from the fabulous and wonderful book Art Workshops for Children by Herve Tullet (author of the excellent Press Here and other picture books) We did the “Field of Flowers” workshop.

Basically all you do is set out a huge piece of paper and a bunch of paint and then spit out rapid fire instructions at the kids, having them trade places each time (“Draw a circle. Swap! Draw a dot. Swap! Drop your paintbrush on the canvas. Swap!”) over and over until the whole canvas is covered. Then you all take a step back and admire your work. At this point, I asked the kids what they thought we made. They weren’t sure. That’s when I finally let them in on the master plan: “It’s a field of flowers!”

At least, it would be – once they added the petals! We all set to work adding the finishing touches. Several of them chose not to add petals but instead add other items to the work (some more abstract, some more concrete things like suns and rainbows.) I let them do basically whatever they wanted to improve our masterpiece.

Here’s the work in progress:


We had a ton of fun with this project and I would highly recommend trying one of Tullet’s ideas at your library!




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