Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Me

I decided to do another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish this week!

  1. I have filled my life with references to my favorite band, Brand New (whom I am going to see tonight!)  These references include my cat, Moshi, and my tattoo.


  2. I studied French for a total of 9 years (6 in high school, 3 in college as a French minor) but I don’t consider myself fluent.
  3.  I have one younger sister and I proudly admit she is cooler than me in almost every way. We hope to get matching tattoos together soon.
  4. I was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia and proudly say “water ice” (instead of Italian ice) and “budging” in line (instead of cutting). I don’t say “wooder” though.
  5. I am obsessed with anything buffalo and anything with cheese. Buffalo chicken pizza and buffalo chicken mac and cheese = the dream.
  6. I am dying to visit Wales, where my grandmother on my dad’s side is from. I hope to travel a lot after grad school, and Germany is also a top priority on my list.
  7. I was probably born to be a librarian and didn’t realize it because I was always a natural collector of media. I had a very extensive collection of Babysitter’s Club Books (almost 100, including the Kristy’s Little Sister series) and also was very obsessive about growing my CD collection. I also kept all my old tests, papers and projects. I think I got it from my dad, who has a floor-to-ceiling bookcase full of CDs in his room. My dad used to call me a junior hoarder because of my reluctance to let anything go, which I have learned to ease up on as I have gotten older/learned more about the principles of archiving.
  8. I despise anything horror-related, especially scary movies, but my favorite season was always fall and my favorite holiday growing up was always Halloween.
  9. I do not have the ability to stay awake during any movie, especially if I can’t be doing something else at the same time, like at a movie theater. I once chugged a Monster energy drink before seeing The Dark Knight Rises in theaters and *still* fell asleep during the climax.
  10. I found libraries in the middle of my sophomore year, when I realized I really couldn’t see myself as a journalist after college, and I have never looked back since.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Me

  1. tumbling into wonderland

    I was born in Wales and can assure you it is definitely worth visiting. It’s best if you drive as public transport is awful. I also have absolutely no idea what “wooder” is or means…
    Lovely TT 🙂


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