An update! And an explanation

I know, I know… This blog has been a little off-track to say the least recently. I’ve had a lot going on, between an impending vacation, an apartment move and…. preparing for a new job!


This Saturday, I’ll be leaving my job at the library. Starting August 17, I will become a graduate assistant for the Design | Cultures and Creativity Honors program at the University of Maryland.

It was a hard choice to leave my job at the library. I love working with people every day and all the little ways I am able to see myself affecting their lives. I love my little group of dedicated story time regulars. And most of all, I love my library family dearly. When I came back from my vacation yesterday and was greeted warmly by each and every one of them, I felt the loss of this job transition acutely. I have certainly enjoyed my time spent there and am thankful for all I learned that even made it possible for me to take this opportunity.

That said, I am immensely excited to move forward to this new position, where I will still be able to work closely with people, though an entirely different demographic than I am used to. I will be doing a ton of different things in this new job – helping with classes, leading discussions and work groups, planning events, working with a maker space (!!!).

More than that, I am so pumped to finally be starting my master’s program at the end of this month (and only a little terrified).

I’m not sure what this is all going to mean for the future of the blog. I’ll probably keep on with my monthly book round-ups but I think I will probably be a lot less regular with my in-between posts. I will have a lot on my plate and unfortunately this might become a last priority.

Anyway, we’ll see how it all goes!



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