Music to help you cope over the holidays

I’ve found that certain songs have really stuck with me recently as I have dealt with the aftermath of the election. I’m sure many of us are going to homes where the situation might be tense, and music has always been a coping mechanism for me, so I thought I would share a few songs in hopes that they might help someone else!

*I will note that while I think most of these songs have somewhat of a hopeful message in them, they also are intended to help relieve anger or frustration as well. Several of them are also explicit. For peppier songs, I would recommend one of Spotify’s excellent “mood” playlists!*

“We Will Fall Together” – Streetlight Manifesto

“So how will we fight? When all we have is logic and love on our side?

“Welcome to the Black Parade” – My Chemical Romance

“We’ll carry on, we’ll carry on, and though you’re broken and defeated, your memory will carry on.”

“Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)” – K’naan (from the Hamilton Mixtape)

I know this is cliche but I would probably just recommend the whole Hamilton soundtrack and mixtape 😉

(Open in Spotify)

“Let’s Not Sh*t Ourselves (To Love and To Be Loved)” – Bright Eyes

“How grateful I was then to be part of the mystery,
to love and to be loved. Let’s just hope that is enough.”

“Alright” – Kendrick Lamar

“Do you hear me, do you feel me, we gon’ be all right.”


Back to school jams

I am currently sitting in a kind of sad little cubby hole in the Hornbake Library basement on the University of Maryland campus waiting patiently for my very first ever in-person Library Science class! (I actually unofficially started yesterday by diving in on my online coursework, but today is the first official, scheduled day).

So, though it’s still summer, and still scorching outside, I thought I’d riff off the Top Ten Tuesday theme for this week and instead focus on ten tunes that help me get in the back-to-school vibe. I am a very passionate music lover and I don’t often get to express that in this blog so I figured why not! Some of these ore more literal, some are more about the vibe of fall.

1. “We Are Gonna Be Friends” (cover) – Conor Oberst and First Aid Kit 
A quintissential back to school song, thought I’d change it up with this slightly cheerier Conor Oberst and First Aid Kit cover.

2. “September” – Earth, Wind and Fire
Yes, I know, the cliche hit for weddings everywhere but this is generally one of my go-to feel good songs and is perfect for fall (because like, September, but also, it feels like new beginnings to me, which is what fall is all about.)

3. “Ramble On” – Led Zeppelin
“Leaves are falling all around/it’s time I was on my way…”

4. “Campus” – Vampire Weekend
A pretty obvious choice. This song is just dripping with college references.

5. “Blowing in the Wind” – Bob Dylan

6. “Be Good” by Waxahatchee
I don’t exactly know what it is about this song that reminds me of fall except that I really became obsessed with it during the fall two years ago.

7. “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” (Cover) – Streetlight Manifesto
I love the original and I love this version.

8. “Seventy times 7” – Brand New
“Back in school they never told us what we needed to know…”

9. “Somebody That I Used to Know” – Elliott Smith

10. “Poison Oak” – Bright Eyes